Why join the Church of God Jesus Christ?

Why should there be denominations?

Why not fellowship disregarding denominations?

I, David Lim, am called by the Almighty to raise up Christians and churches for the Kingdom of our Redeemer, King and Savior, Jesus The Christ.

His callings and authority superseed all authorities and acknowledgement of human and spiritual institutes, may it be academic or spiritual.

We are set apart(holy) to secular institutes(may they be registered, legally formed or historical).

God calls us to be holy, for He is Holy, dwelling in the Holy of Holies.

We are a spiritual church.

We as human beings can never please God by ourselves, or bargain with the Almighty. It is a matter of Divine Grace that we can serve Him in any way. It is by His mercies that we can represent His kingdom in any way, and present God to the non-believers.

So, all Glories and Honor be to God, no matter what we do and achieve.

Those who are called by God to join us join us. It is not a matter of who is better or the best. It is a matter of Divine grace for individuals. By the love of God we are what we are; our sizes, our fellowship, our ups and downs, and our accomplishment. Through us God initiates blessings is wondrous ways.


We Christians of The Church of God Jesus Christ are Charismatics holding to the truth of the gifts of the Spirit. Not just speaking in spiritual tongues(I do not preach/teach the speaking in tongue being the initial experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, we are given whatever the Spirit wills at His chosen time), but have healing, prophesy, words of wisdom and knowledge. . .

Just this alone would brand us as Charismatic and set us apart with anti-Charismatics (so often wrongly called Evangelicals nowadays) This means we do not represent the whole church. We do not represent those Christians and churches that wrongly believe in cessation of gifts. We do not represent those who oust us, isolate themselves from us, and war against us. This makes us a denomination, a church group/network with particular bias, particular beliefs and practices. We look to Christ and are Christ-centred. We accept heterodox Christians as Christians.

This church is doctrinally very developed, and has myriads of ministries, inspiring many ministers of other churches to serve God in multiple ways( eg: E-ministries, A/V ministries, Gospel music ministries in secular circles, Gospel advertisement, multi-disciplinary flexible worship, raising up holy hands everywhere).

This church does not actively seek to have church building or church properties, though such ownership is not forbidden and is no sin. This is not a building church. This church does not arrogantly seek to build Palaces/Temples/sanctuaries for the living God(Historically and Biblically there is one Temple for God in Jerusalem; the others are tents, houses and meeting places). We build tents/tabernacles for meeting and worship and edification of the body. We are sojourners here on earth. We are the living temples of the Almighty God. We worship in spirit and in truth.


This church encourages musical worship. Music does not belong to evil spirits or hell. Music is created by God. Christians are commanded/asked to sing praises, to play music instruments and to dance to the Lord God. We have music ministries. Choirs are not for singing in the church service only. They are to be armies of evangelism and uplifters of worship spirits.

Like it or not we are by definition a denomination.

Some people knowingly and unknowingly preach that denomination is redundant in Biblical circles.

They fail to see that they hardly have the complete truth and all sufficient practices. They only believe in certain things, and practice certain things/style, and hold/accept fellowship with certain believers. This in fact makes them a denomination, and a poor one at best.

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Members of The Church of God Jesus Christ will fellowship with other Christians, providing that 1) their fatal mistakes and doctrinal errors are not made known to our members. 2) they profess to be born again Christians. 3) Members of our church are trying to help them in spiritual matters. 4) these Christians are praising the Lord God Almighty, or seeking renewal and forgiveness from God, or these born again Christians are working to uphold Biblical principles (seeking to glorify Christ).

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The Church of God Jesus Christ is not part of any network of fellowship or churches.

Network of fellowship or churches express the idea that member churches are not free from error and are not positively taking position to right the wrongs of other member churches. They also express the idea that all are equal and valid ministries of God.

I know that many churches stipulate completion of certain academic courses, receiving certain institutional qualification before members could be ordained or serve in certain leadership. The measuring of the callings of God by secular academic qualification (eg: M.Min, DPh) is unBiblical.

The anointing and ordination of God is not conditioned by completion of certain courses (especially Liberal and unBiblical courses). Ministers are learning to serve God in their position/estate.

I know that certain churches are riddled with humanistic error; many love worldliness, many love to work for human rights, many seek to identify themselves law-abidding(even that the secular law is anti-Christian and anti-Bible. The law courts do not uphold the Bible, or base their consideration on Biblical principles.) esteemed in the public eye. Many seek to be incorporated and be monitored by company and civil law which are anti-Bible.

I also know that many of the so-called traditional churches boast of extra-Biblical tradition, councils and ruling systems; many have extra-Biblical leadership (ie: priesthood). Many acuse younger churches to be erroneous in their Theology and practices, when they differ with these age old traditions.

Joining network and such fellowship would be seen as walking, sitting and standing with such unBiblical groups.

Churches in or not in a network also see themselves to be autonomous entities. These churches are not part of the Church of God Jesus Christ, and therefore do not submit to the ruling authority and principle of our denomination. They also, in most situation, claim to be sefl-sufficient having their own systems of doctrine and teaching, and do not have complete sympathy and adherence to our doctrine and teachings.

Being separated as equal entities, denominations, they do not benefit from our teaching and practices fully. They can steer further and further away from us.

Christian unity is built upon Christ centred truths and exercises.

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The Alpha Church is largely a fellowship of Churches; so it is possible for it to be linked to certain Christian network.

Each church in this denomination is autonomous, joined together by love, commonwealth of Christian fellowship centred by the (common faith)doctrines as preached and taught by David Lim, inspired and enabled by the Holy Spirit.

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Our denominations seek to encourage Christians to love God and serve Him evermore.

Strategies of evangelism and other Gospel work are shared with receptive Biblical Christians.

For the Love of God, our churches/denominations make known and available Bible teachings/exposition and doctrinal teachings of David Lim, for the benefit of all Christians, for walking with God closely. No information is made available for anyone aiming to hurt, to destroy, to oust Biblical Christian/s or Biblical church/es (as defined by our church teachings).

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David Lim

Founder of The Church of God Jesus Christ


The Alpha Church